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About Dipal

I am a professional certified beauty and editorial makeup artist and hairstylist based in NJ/NY. Growing up I was always into creative arts and I found that makeup is essentially a form where creativity has no boundaries. With all of the different styles, colors, and types of makeup, the possibilities are endless! I have always believed rather than makeup being a mask which covers up beauty, it is actually a tool best utilized to amplify beauty and express who you are on the inside. With this passion close to my heart, I have provided my services for many occasions including bridal events, proms, baby showers, photo shoots, motion-pictures ( published), television shows ( Zee TV), runways ( New York Fashion Week), and the International Indian Film Academy ( IIFA) Awards 2017. I am so proud of my journey. I feel so fortunate to be able to follow my dreams and have something to be so passionate about. I am always looking for fun yet meaningful projects to better myself and challenge my ability. I specialize in makeup for all types of events. I constantly strive to master my art, evolve and create new techniques, broaden my horizons, and share my passion with the world. The best is yet to come!


My Achievements

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